How Do I Get Followers on Instagram For Free?


There are many ways to get free Instagram followers. However, some of these

methods can be dangerous or even against Instagram’s terms of service. Some

people also worry about the quality of these free followers.

To maximize organic reach, consider running a contest or giveaway. This will build

community loyalty and help you grow your following.


  1. Create a good profile

Your Instagram profile is a key part of your brand’s presence on the platform. Make

sure that it’s filled out with accurate and compelling information.

Choose a clear and recognizable photo for your profile. For business accounts, this is

often your logo. Your username should be your business name or a variation that is

easily searchable by your audience (like @coldstonecreamery).

The bio field on your Instagram profile should tell people what your company is all

about and offer a link to your website or a landing page for your current promotions.

You can also add your location to help potential followers find you.


Posting regularly is essential to growing your Instagram following. It’s recommended

that you post 2-3 times a day to reach and engage your audience. You can use tools

like Sked to schedule and publish posts for you. However, you should still create and

curate content yourself to maintain the quality of your account.


  1. Engage with your followers

When your followers feel like they have a connection to you, they’re more likely to

engage with your content. And when they’re engaging with your content, the

algorithm will notice and reward you by increasing your visibility.

Creating and using hashtags that are relevant to your photos, products or business

will help you attract a more engaged audience. But be careful not to overuse them,

as this can appear spammy and may result in your account being penalized by the

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You can also reach out to influencers in your industry and create collaborative posts.

For example, if you own a fitness studio, you can take a group shot after your Body

Pump class and tag everyone in it. This will populate their feeds, and they might

even share it with their own followers. This can lead to more followers and potential

customers for your fitness studio. But be sure to check the terms of service before

collaborating with an influencer.


  1. Use relevant hashtags

Using relevant hashtags can help you attract followers who are actually interested in

your content. Hashtags consolidate content categories so that your photos and posts

appear alongside other related ones in a search results page. They can be generic –

like #followfriday or #photooftheday – or branded – such as Sweaty Betty’s

#getyourgymgirlon – that are unique to your brand.


Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post, and it’s recommended that you use at

least a few. Be careful not to overdo it, however, as too many hashtags can cause

your post to be marked as spam and put you at risk of an Instagram shadowban.

Create a list of curated hashtag groups that relate to your brand and community,

then select them from the dropdown menu when you make a post. Keep these

groups handy in a notes app or on your phone, and copy them to your clipboard

before posting each photo or video.


  1. Share your content

One of the best ways to gain followers on Instagram is by posting shareworthy

content. This can be a meme, video, or photo that taps into a current culture trend.

Airbnb, for example, uses Instagram notifications to encourage followers to tag

photos or rental listings in their posts, and then features these user-generated

images on their feed.


Another way to generate organic reach is by running contests and giveaways. This

can be done by asking your followers to follow your account, tag a friend, or like a

post to enter. Make sure to follow Instagram’s promotion guidelines and legal

requirements when doing so.

Finally, you should also ensure that your profile is optimized. This includes having an

optimized username and bio, as well as posting high-quality content regularly. This

will help you attract and engage your audience, and ultimately increase the number

of free instagram followers for your business. The most important aspect of

optimizing your account is consistency, as great content is only successful if it is

delivered consistently.